Buy the Best Banjo Cradle Strap for Comfort and Style

Music makes you feel emotions and act as food to our souls. The soothing tracks and tunes provide comfort and peace to our chaotic lives. Furthermore, quarantine has got us closer to instruments like the Ukuleles and Banjo.

So if you are planning to purchase one, do not forget to invest in a quality Banjo cradle strap. You can find tons of leather Banjo cradle strap options in the market.

For this, the Lakota Banjo cradle strap and Levi’s leathers are the best examples. Consider these factors to get your hands on the best cradle strap.

Best Banjo Cradle Strap: Buying Guide

Factors to look for in a Banjo cradle strap

A Banjo cradle strap helps you maintain a good posture, makes you look professional and improves safety standards. Since the choice is intimidating for beginners, consider these essential factors to get your hands on the best Banjo cradle strap.

  1. The first thing to look for in a Banjo cradle strap is padding. If you are looking for comfort, go for a high-quality foam padded strap. But if you prefer lightweight instruments, a non-padded Banjo cradle strap is the best.
  2. The material of the strap is also essential. You can choose between suede, nylon, polyester, or a leather Banjo cradle strap. The material effects the longevity and its feel against the skin.
  3. When you are buying a Banjo cradle strap, consider different patterns and designs. After all, your clothes and accessories reflect your style. So go for any color that compliments your Banjo effortlessly. Additions like the hootenanny Jacquard weave and modern patterns are also considerable.
  4. It is lightweight, unlike the previous strap models of Levi’s. The sheepskin lining is for more comfort.
  5. For beginners, a wide leather Banjo cradle strap is an unavoidable part of their instruments. It reduces friction, elevates pain, and evenly distributes the weight on your shoulders.
  6. If you are a beginner, go for adjustable strap options in the market.
  7. Look for a Banjo strap that has in-built loops in the end. It makes Banjo cradle strap installation easier.

Best Banjo Cradle Strap: Review

1. Levi’s Leathers- Veg-Tan Leather Banjo Strap

banjo cradle strap

If you are on the hunt to find the best Banjo cradle strap, you must consider Levi’s Leather Tan Banjo strap. Levi’s leather cradle straps are known for their elegant looks, rich color options, and quality. You can never go wrong with their straps as they are made for heavy-duty work.


  • Brand: Levi’s Leather
  • Color options: Black, Brown, and Walnut
  • Material: Veg-tan leather
  • Length- Adjustable 29-55 inches
  • Width- 2-inch


It is the best Levi’s Banjo strap in the market. It can bear the weight of a 2-pound Banjo effortlessly. The high-grade leather quality makes it durable and gives a sturdy build.

With a sheepskin lining, the strap feels comfortable and causes less strain. It also absorbs excess moisture and sweat. Moreover, this Banjo cradle strap keeps your Banjo sturdy and avoids frequent readjusting.


This Levi’s Banjo strap is made from veg-tan leather. The speciality of this material is that it keeps getting more beautiful with each passing day.

Unlike other straps, this leather strap is fully adjustable. You can alter its fitting as per your liking and keep it as short/long as you want. Its lightweight body avoids making your instrument feel bulkier.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, consider this Banjo strap. It is equally efficient whether you have a small, medium, or large-size Banjo. In other words, its length and build are perfect for all sizes.


  • Exceptional quality material
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to attach/detach


  • Embroidery is impossible

What’s new?

It is lightweight, unlike the other strap models of Levi’s. The sheepskin lining gives more comfort, making it the best Banjo cradle strap.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for the best Banjo strap, your search ends here. The Levi’s leather Banjo strap has a rigid exterior for rough and tough situations.

It supports all types of Banjo, small or large. The tapered ends easily carry your instrument while you can adjust it for greater control.

Buy the Best Banjo Cradle Strap for Comfort and Style


  1. How to install a Banjo cradle strap?

Whether you have a Lakota Banjo cradle or anything else, Banjo cradle strap installation is easy.

  1. Hold your Banjo at the uptight position and lay the strap with the finished strap on the top. Also, remove the shoelaces from both ends.
  2. Thread your strap through the side hooks and pull the excess. Take the other end and thread it under the hook. Continue sliding till the ends meet.
  3. Place the Banjo on your neck to check the fit and adjust it accordingly.
  4. Finally, thread your laces through the eyelet holes of both these strap ends.

The same process applies to other options like a Deering Banjo cradle strap.

  1. How to make a Banjo cradle strap?

If you do not want to purchase a new strap, you can DIY your Deering Banjo cradle strap at home.

Things you need

  • A 2 feet long and 1.5 cm wide leather strip
  • A drilling machine
  • Copper rivets or nylon lace


  1. Take the leather piece and start threading it, as mentioned earlier.
  2. Next, trim the excess part, make a loop on one end and drill a hole.
  3. Fasten this loop using a copper rivet or nylon shoelace.

If you follow these steps correctly, the Banjo cradle installation will be a piece of cake for you.