Find The Best Banjo Tuner For You | Top Picks & Reviews

KLIQUberTuner: Best snark tuner for banjo

Dual hinge design
Can be tilted up to 125 degrees
No noise hindering

Fender FT-2: Best tuner for tenor banjo

Inbuilt vibration sensor
Dual hinge design
Wide range of tuning
Real Tuner: Best snark tuner for banjo

Real Tuner: Best snark tuner for banjo

360 degree swivel display
Pinpoint result
Bright display
 Soon coming Clip tuner: Best banjo tuner

Soon coming Clip tuner: Best banjo tuner

One button operation
360 degrees turning d
Power saving function

All of us love music. But learning to play an instrument is not an easy task. The more tough work is carrying the instrument to maintenance shops now and then. But I got some good news for the Banjo players. Now you can tune your Banjos at home using the best Banjo tuner.

We have researched minutely through the market about the best electronic Banjo tuners, best Banjo clip-on tunerand even the best tuner for tenor BanjoSo no need to jump from site to site searching for the best Banjo tuner. Just sit back and choose the best Banjo tuner for you from our list.

Best Banjo tuner-Buying guide

Things to consider before buying the best Banjo tuner.

There are several things to consider.

  • The first thing to consider is the instrument you are playing.
  • Banjos come in different string configurations. Some players go for the 4 string play and some play with 5 string attachments. The different string numbers have a set of different altered configurations to set.
  • While buying an electronic Banjo tuner, one should check for the tuning range, easy read, and comfortable screen size to adjust the needs of the user.

Best Banjo tuner Reviews

  1. KLIQ UberTuner: Best Banjo d tuner

best banjo tuner


The KLIQ UberTuner is one of the best Banjo tuner available in the market. The thing that makes it stand out from the other tuners is the pinpoint accuracy it provides. It is very comfortable to use and can be tilted 125 degrees vertically. This enables the user to tune the Banjo without straining his neck. Another advantage is that this tuner does not get hindered by noise. It is determined by the Banjo’s vibrations.


Weight of item – 1.41 ounces

Dimension – 1.6 x 0.5 x 1.6 inches

Batteries – 1 lithium metal battery required

Size – UberTuner

Battery type – Lithium polymer


This tuner is more accurate than the other tuners available in the market.  It can directly detect vibrations despite the noise in the surroundings.


The process of using this tuner is very easy. After clipping it on, the user can easily tune it.


  • Very accurate.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • Compatible with other instruments.


  • The display might be faulty.

What’s new?

The colored LED display is a new advantage that triumphs over the green lights over the black screen.

Why should you buy it?

If you want a tuner that can tune your Banjo in any kind of noisy environment, it is the tuner you are looking for.

  1. Fender FT-2: Best clip-on Banjo tuner

best banjo tuner


It is a great choice for people who work in noisy environments, because of the in-built vibration sensor. It comes with a dual-hinge design which allows the user to mount the tuner on any side of the instrument. It also has an easily readable LCD which lets the user know once the note is in tune. These are the reasons which make it one of the best clip-on Banjo tuners.


Weight of the item – 1.44 ounces.

Dimension of the product – 1 x 1 x 0.5 inches.

Battery required – 1 CR@ battery is required.

Size of the item – FT-2.

Type of the battery – Lithium batteries.

Screen display size – 1.


It is secured by design and provides the user with an A440 calibration. The battery life of this tuner is better as compared to the other tuners in the market.


The tool is very easy to use. This tool is a better choice because it can be mounted on either side of the Banjo and tuned.


  • Very versatile to use.
  • The tool has a wide range of tuning.
  • Easy readability due to the presence of the LCD screen.


  • Might not last up to the expectations.

What’s New?

This compact tuner comes with a clipping design on both sides. The Banjo users can mount it on either side of the Banjo according to their comfort.

Why buy this?

After tuning this tool the pointer shifts to the center of the display. So if you are a beginner, this is just the tool for you.

  1. Real Tuner- Best digital tuner for Banjo

best banjo tuner


This is one of the best digital tuners for Banjo because of the performance it provides. It has a full-color display, not the typical green display which is liked by the users. The color display provides full-on readable information and clear information. It is very sensitive and provides the user with a quick interface and an accurate result. The note and string number are also displayed on the screen so that the user can have clear readability. These qualities make it one of the best Banjo tuner in the market.


Weight of the item – 1.12 ounces.

Dimension of the product – 3.15 x 2.17 x 3.15 inches.

Range of Tuning – E0 (41.20Hz) – B7 (3951Hz).

A4 calibration – 430-450Hz.

Power- 3V CR032 battery (one piece).


As compared to the other tools, this tool provides the user with a 360-degree swivel display which includes 2 swivel points. All the buttons are located on the front panel for the easy accessibility of the user.


The usage is easy for this tool. Clip it on and adjust accordingly. The key advantage is the Automatic switch-off feature which preserves the power of this tool.


  • Small and handy.
  • 360 degree swivel display.
  • Bright color display.


  • The attachments might break off.

What’s New?

The special feature is the automatic switch-off system and the tuning way. The tuning way is available in both the clip and mic processes.

Why buy it?

This is a great tool if you play multiple instruments. It can tune guitars, Ukulele, and Banjos in an easy and simple manner.

  1. Soon coming clip tuner: Best Banjo clip-on tuner

best banjo tuner


This is one of the best Banjo electronic tuners because of the performance it provides to the users. It is very user-friendly. It provides accurate results despite its simple outlook. It has an auto-off procedure for no signal. If it does not receive any signal for 3 consecutive minutes it turns off automatically. This feature was introduced for saving energy. The tuner can turn 360 degrees for easy reading and easy reviewing. The controls are very simple and operate using one button. These elegant features make this tuner one of the best Banjo tuner.


Weight of the item – 0.8 ounces.

Dimension of the product – 1.46 x 1.1 x 1.89 inches.

Type of the material – ABS.

Type of the battery – Lithium.

Dimension of the LCD screen – 0.79 x 0.9 inch.


The tool is lightweight and has a simple outlook as compared to the other tools. This is the major advantage of this tool. This tool is simple yet pulls off the hardest tasks.


The usage of this tool is very good. It has a very fast response rate. It reacts precisely and gives a fast response to the user.

The precision of the tool – +- 3 cents.


  • Very easy to handle and use.
  • Provides the user with a 360-degree movement.
  • Compatible with other instruments also.


  • Might break off and not last long enough.

What’s New?

It has a 360-degree moving head. This was introduced so that users can use and tune their instruments easily.

Why should you buy this?

If you are looking for a small tool with heavy-duty power, this is the tool for you. The tool is small but provides accurate and precise results. It has a colored LCD screen for easy readability and usage.


  1. What is the standard tuning for a Banjo?

The common Banjo type is the 5 string Banjo type. It has the standard tuning in the open G. It notes from the 5th string and follows to the 1st string. They are G,D,G,B,D.

  1. What is the best clip-on tuner?

All of the mentioned tuners are suitable in their ways. The user needs to short down his requirements and then proceed to buy the best Banjo tuner for himself.

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