Buy a Fender 5-String Banjo – Get the Best Quality & Value!

Fender banjos are one of the most popular banjo types that are used by many professionals on stage. Fender 5 string banjos are known for their soothing southern tone, which can convert any concert with a unique and distinctive tonality. Many on-stage performers consider the Fender 5-string banjo as their favorite type of Banjo because of its unique sound and tone. 

Fender 5 string banjo

This post is basically a detailed review of the Fender 5-string banjo. In this article, you can find much important information about the five-stringed Fender banjo. We have included all the details, from its pot assembly to individual raw components. 

fender 5 string banjo


  • Brand: Fender
  • Body Rim: Mahogany
  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Fretboard Material: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Rosewood


The Fender 5-string banjo is the right choice for players who like to perform distinctive and unique plays. The Banjo is majorly made up of Mahogany which is the most common type of base rim material used to make banjos. The mahogany wood is reddish brown in color that is extracted from the timber woods in tropical forests. The Fender 5-string banjo is a closed-type banjo for superior resonance and is brownish red in color due to the Mahogany. 

The neck material of the Fender banjo is also made up of Mahogany for distinctive resonance. However, the bridge material and fretboard are made up of rosewood which is also another popular wood used in the production of instruments. These redwoods naturally release fragrance, filling the user and the whole room with positive vibes. The fingerboard or fretboard, which is made up of rosewood, is covered on top of the neck, which is made up of Mahogany. 


The Fender 5-string banjos are usually different than other banjos both in looks and performance. The Fender banjo has a unique ability to create a southern tone which is a very hard kind of tone to mimic. However, the Fender 5-string banjo doesn’t mimic the southern tone but produces the souther tone with maximum authenticity. 

The Banjo is a closed-type model which enhances the resonating ability of the Banjo. The closed back made up of Mahogany perfectly resonates with the sound and produces an authentic southern tone. Many professional players use the Fender 5-string banjo to perform on live stages. 


The Fender 5-string banjo is a cool kind of Banjo that has unique inlays. The inlay in this model is the pearl-colored stylized snowflake. The stylized snowflake is a rare inlay finish in most of the Banjos because of its complex curves and structures. However, the makers of this Banjo have worked their best and made expensive designs and inlays on the fingerboard. The model has a totally consistent finish making it one of the best banjo types ever made. 

It can be used as a showpiece or can be used to perform. However, there is nothing special about this Fender Banjo other than it is way more worth than what it is priced for. If you are looking for the same quality of performance in this Banjo as you would expect in a banjo worth thousands of dollars, you will be disappointed. But it is a great Fender banjo in its price range and can be used for various purposes. The closed-back resonator can be detached and fixed with a new one. 

What’s New?

fender 5 string banjo

Usually, the Fender 5-string banjo would have a friction-type tuner. This kind of tuner is ancient technology and has some drawbacks. Now, the fifth string is attached to a mechanical tuner for better performance. The mechanical tuner won’t slip and lose its tune, which might often happen with friction tuners. Also, each tuner head is coated with chrome for durability. 

Why Should You Buy It?

It is a total classic Fender-type banjo with five strings. The fifth string has a mechanical tuner to maintain the tune. The Mahogany-closed back has rich resonating qualities, which would result in distinctive and well-defined sounds. No more muffled and dual voices with low-quality banjos. You can get Fender 5-string banjos with rich sounds and unique tonality at a much more reasonable price.