GHS Banjo Strings: Quality Strings for a Great Banjo Sound

GHS Strings is one of the pioneers of American string manufacturing companies. They have been producing top-tier strings for banjos, guitars, and bass since 1964. It was bought by Robert McFee in 1975. Robert McFee is the chairman of GHS banjo Strings and has invested a ton of money in expanding the company’s reach and establishing its infrastructure. 

Thanks to his development strategies, the company grew exponentially in a few years and attracted several top-class guitars, banjo, and bass players like Sonny Osborne to personally vouch for this brand. After Sonny Osborne’s involvement, he suggested a few things that need to be changed for the better. Now, the GHS strings are produced by the guidelines of Sonny Osborne’s instructions. 

ghs banjo strings

Features of GHS Banjo Strings

The GHS strings are made up of superior quality steel and have many complicated processes which refine the strings. The manufactured strings are tested with rigorous testing methods to ensure the strength and durability of the strings. 

Each string is packed in a separate package instead of putting every string in the same package. This shows the superiority of the strings they produce. Also, the GHS string uses the GHS Lock Twist mechanism to lock itself in the tuner peg. By doing so, it reduces the tune slipping. Even the banjos which use friction-based tuner pegs have no slipping tunes when they use GHS  banjo strings. 

Each string is made to be compatible with large neck banjos. They can be used for small neck banjos too. We have to only cut the excessive strings after tuning the string. 

Does GHD Manufacture Strings For Other Brands?

GHS has a firm infrastructure with productive manufacturing units, which makes it possible to make strings for other brands too. Depending on the request of their customer, they make the strings. Some requests may require GHS strings packed on a different package. Some may request to make new kinds of strings that are not similar to the GHS production method. GHS doesn’t take any credit for manufacturing strings for other brands. 

Round Wound String: GHS Banjo Strings

ghs banjo strings

There are a total of four types of winding techniques used to make strings for banjos. Out of the four methods, the round wound string method is the only technique with exceptional performance. All other three are equal. Round wound-winded strings are known to produce the brightest sound of all. The sound is precise, loud, and well-defined. With round wound string, you can clear each note with good audacity. There will be no muffled tones and sounds with this kind of string. 

Why Separate Envelopes For Each String?

GHS is committed to giving the best experience to its customers. The no.1 request of GHS customers is packaging each string on separate envelopes or packages. This might reduce the profit for the institution, but it is a necessity since customers requested it. That is why GHS is using separate packaging envelopes for different strings.