Gotoh Banjo Tuners – Quality Banjo Tuning Machines for Professional Musicians

There is a lot we can do with a Banjo. Various customisations help improve the tuning and take their quality to next level. Gotoh Banjo tuners serve this crucial purpose and aid in the precision of the instrument. These tuners are special planetary tuners made in Japan. Gotoh tuners are considered one of the best planetary tuners for a Banjo.

Gotoh Banjo Tuners

We can find two variants of Gotoh Banjo tuning pegs in general. While the 4:1 gear ratio works for the four strings of a Banjo, the 13:1 ratio works exclusively for the 5th string. A Banjo’s 5th string doesn’t align with the remaining strings. Instead, it is fixed around the instrument’s neck. So, the Gotoh gold Banjo tuners need to be fixed in the same way.

Gotoh Banjo Tuners Review

The Gotoh Banjo tuners review provides valuable insights into the working and usage of these tuners. These tuners are paired with additional gears so that they get a firmer grip and stay intact. As we all know, the planetary tuners are designed to produce a 4:1 ratio. However, the Gotoh Banjo tuners are also available in another variant with a 13:1 ratio, as mentioned above.

Gotoh Banjo tuners are widely preferred by various Banjo players, owing to their top-notch performance. Here is a review of one best-selling Gotoh tuner.

Gotoh Banjo Tuners – Buying guide

1. Gotoh SPBJ4 Tuners

Gotoh SPBJ4 Tuners


  • Brand: Gotoh
  • Style: Planet
  • Gear Ratio: 4:1
  • Plating: Nickel
  • Peghole Diameter: 3/8 inch
  • Number: 4 per set
  • Buttons: Pearloid


Gotoh tuners come under the list of the best tuners for a Banjo. At reasonable pricing, these tuners have a beautiful look. These tuners come in a pack of four for all the four strings of a Banjo. A bonus fret polishing kit accompanies these tuners, along with the instructions. These last long and serve the purpose efficiently.


Gotoh tuners for a Banjo come with the 4:1 planetary gearing and serve the purpose of a planetary tuner. A special tuner for the fifth string is also available for the makers. The nickel coating adds style to the tuners, making them look stunning. The Gotoh Banjo tuner buttons come with a comfortable grip and aid in easy operation.


These tuners work with most Banjos. There is an instruction guide accompanying these tuners. Follow them carefully for fixing the tuners properly and enhancing their lifespan.


  • Nickel coating.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Fret polishing kit and instruction set.
  • Cream-colored Pearloid buttons.
  • Non-slip tuning.
  • Cheap pricing.

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What’s New? 

These tuners are a set of four pegs. They come in nickel coating, unlike most tuners covered with gold plating. These come with a comfortable grip making it easy to use them.

Why should you buy it? 

Gotoh Banjo tuners are considered one of the best choices of planetary tuners. Most people look for these tuners for their Banjos in the first place. Available in a pack of 4, these tuners provide a convenient grip with beautiful Pearloid buttons. The nickel coating enhances their life. Overall, these tuners deliver excellent results with a reasonable lifespan.

Gotoh Banjo Tuners: Fixing

After buying your Banjo tuners, here is how you can fix them properly.

  • First, remove the Banjo’s strings and old tuning pegs, if present.
  • If you are inserting the tuning pegs for the first time, use a file to create holes. You can also do the same if you wish to change your tuners’ position. There is nothing to worry about making the holes.
  • Push the tuners through the inserted holes and tighten the nut. Go with one peg at a time, and don’t hurry.
  • If you use a 5-string Banjo, you need to buy an extra peg and fix it near the neck. Choose the position and create a hole in the same place where you want to place the fifth string. Insert the peg and screw the nut to hold the grip.

After you fix all the pegs, restring the Banjo properly. A Banjo comes with a floating bridge. Take care of its position throughout the process. It is best to mark its position before you begin.

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