How Long Are Banjo Strings?

Banjo Strings

Do you know? Banjo strings are the same wires that are found in a mandolin, acoustic guitar violins, and many other similar stringed instruments. Although being buyers we care the least about the strings but it is the most important aspect of the instrument. The string of an instrument has an industrial name too. It is called music wire because it has the same temper, resilience, alloy, and tensile strength just like copper or electric wire.

Have you ever wondered how long are Banjo strings? Find out about it here along with many other factors.

Factors That Makes A String Very Unique

The most important aspect of a string is its diameter which is consistent. If it has thin or thick spots it would not vibrate clearly, making the pitch and tone inaudible. The string of a Banjo is made using steel having a wound of nickel. It is also extra-long measuring a length of 49 inches and the length of the wound string is 44 inches. Both the uniformity and the diameter of a steel string need to be completely uniform like the wound spring. Although the core string is made of steel but, the wound string is made using phosphor bronze, brass, or nickel.

Banjo Strings

What Does Each Layer In String Mean?

  • The tone of a string made using a brass wound would express a warm and bright sound.
  • In the strings made using phosphor bronze, you will find warmth too but not as brass. In fact, it is much cooler.
  • Nickel too is not warm as the brass tone but surely more than phosphor bronze.

String Gauges

The diameter is called the string gauge. Strings made of different materials have different diameters. There are three measurements for the diameters of the strings, heavy, medium, and light gauge. And each of these diameters adds a different sound and feel. It creates a big difference for the musician who is playing the Banjo.

  • Heavy Gauge: It is midrange and is not very common. It has less bass and brightness than medium gauge. Players who do not use amplifiers and play hard use this string.
  • Medium Gauge: It has a clean bass and a strong midrange despite being less bright. It is best suited for players who struck the strings hard.
  • Light Gauge: It has a mid-range and soft response but a very bright sound with bass. Playing hard shall distort the tone.

What Is The Best String Brand?

It may sound very strange to you but the strings of a Banjo are not made by the manufacturers of the Banjo. It is made by sound wire manufacturers and so it does not have any specific brand for it. There are indeed wire makers who are reputed in their craft. But there is no specific brand for strings. You can always get your strings from a reputed wire maker or even from the manufacturer whose Banjo you are using.