How to Attach Banjo Strap at Home?

Banjo is a part of the stringed instrument family. It comes with a thin membrane stretching over the cavity to form the resonator. Banjo gained immense popularity over the years. With various people playing it, we’d naturally want to know more about a Banjo. How to attach Banjo strap is one frequent search nowadays. Read and find out how to easily attach the strap at home.

Steps For How to Attach Banjo Strap

How to Attach Banjo Strap at Home

There is some pre-prep required for this process. Before knowing how to attach Banjo strap, let’s prepare it first.

Preparing the Banjo

  • Check the Banjo to ensure that there is enough space between the head tension brackets so that we can thread the strap properly.

This technique applies to most Banjo types except for the beginner one. For a beginner Banjo, we’ll need a different method to prepare the set-up.

Setting the Strap

Once the preparations are done, follow these simple steps for how to attach Banjo strap.

  • Hold the instrument upright. Place it on your lap such that the neck is straight up and its strings face you. As in, banjo’s neck should represent 12 of a clock.
  • Now, thread one end of the strap to a hook positioned at clock 2 and continue the same for the next three hooks. By doing so, you should see that the strap is moving away from the neck.
  • Position the thin end of the strap near the 4 o’clock position and slide it beneath the remaining hooks until both the strap ends meet.
  • Place your Banjo over your neck and check for the positioning and fit. If you wish to tighten the grip, pull the strap through the hooks present along the Banjo’s side channel.
  • Adjust the grip such that your Banjo remains in playing position even if your hands are off the instrument.
  • Both the ends of the strap have eyelet holes. Thread the black laces to these ends and tie them to secure the strap’s position.

In case your Banjo strap doesn’t have black laces, you can use your black shoelaces instead. This is how to attach Banjo strap in general. It is mostly used for standard cradle straps. Most people try and balance banjo’s weight on their own. However, it would be much easier to use the strap to support the instrument.