How to restring a Banjo without Expertise?

Banjo is one widely loved stringed instrument. The number of people playing it has incredibly grown over the years. It is best to be aware of some basic tricks and hacks when you play any instrument. Here is one such time-saving hack – a detailed guide on how to restring a Banjo

How to Restring your Banjo?

Strings form the crux of the instrument, and if no proper care is taken, they might easily break. If your Banjo strings need to be changed or, if they are damaged, here is how to restring a Banjo at home. 

How to Restring a Five String Banjo? 

how to restring a banjo

The following is the process for how to restring a Banjo.

Cost to Restring a Banjo

  • The restringing process costs around $50 in general. You can cut the costs if you wish to do it by yourself. 

How to restring a Tenor Banjo? 

We’ll need the following tools for restringing a Banjo – a wire cutter, pencil, string winder, and a tuner along with a pack of new strings. Once you are ready with your Banjo and these tools, proceed with these steps for how to restring a Banjo

  • Begin by removing the existing strings. Slack the 1st string, and unwind it carefully from the tailpiece. 
  • Take the new string and attach it to the tailpiece. Hold some tension while attaching it to the tailpiece and over the bridge. 
  • Use the pencil to widen or bend the loop and run the string over the tailpiece easily. Hook the string’s loop end on the tailpiece to fix its position. While doing so, ensure that the loop fits over the hook. 
  • Play the string’s harmonic at the 12th fret to compare it with fretted notes. Move the bridge towards the tailpiece if the notes sound sharp. If the notes are flat, move the bridge towards the Banjo’s neck. 

How to String and Tune a Banjo? 

  • Now, the string has a firm grip over the tail end. We need to tune it before fixing it on the other end. 
  • Pass the string through the tuner post. Hold the tuning pegs with one hand and use the other hand to create slack on the string. 
  • Arrange such that the string’s free end lies around the post, between the pegs, and underneath the string. 
  • Wind up the string on the peg by pulling the free end back over the string. Cut off the excess with the wire cutters as soon as your string is tuned perfectly. 

How to Restring a Fender Banjo? 

The process for restringing a fender Banjo is the same as the process mentioned above for a tenor Banjo. 

How to Restring a 6 String Banjo? 

A 6-string Banjo has 6 strings, unlike the traditional Banjo with 5 strings. Though there is no specific process for it, you can follow the traditional process for how to restring a Banjo. 

How to string a Harmony Banjo? 

A harmony Banjo is a vintage version of the instrument. It is available in 4 and 5 strings. The stringing process is the same as mentioned above. 

How to string a Banjo Mandolin?

Here, we use the Mandolin strings apart from the regular ones. These are a bit heavy and require a little extra care. The process is the same. 

How much does it cost to restring a Banjo?

As we mentioned above, the restringing costs around 50 dollars. 

How Often to Restring Banjo? 

It is best to change the strings once every two months. In case you play the Banjo frequently, change them based on the intensity of usage. In such cases, it is best to change them twice a month. 

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