How to Tune a Banjolele: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to tune a banjolele is the prime question that arises in the mind of every new banjo player. Here is a guide to help you to understand how to tune a banjolele. Tuning a banjo is necessary to obtain a pleasing and good quality sound. It is a process that you have to do again and again to make the sound punchy and soothing. There are different procedures to tune the banjolele of varying numbers of strings.

how to tune a banjolele

The sound produced by an 8 string banjolele is equivalent to a 12-string guitar. Each string of 8 string banjolele has a double course, resulting in a big, giant, and rich sound. The tuning of 8 string banjolele is locked into the convention. Nine out of ten times, an 8-string ukulele is tuned gG cC EE AA. An 8-string is usually a tenor-sized banjolele but can sometimes be a baritone. So for baritone, the tuning is dropped down to dD gG BB EE. check here how to tune a banjolele.

How to tune a 5 string banjolele

A 5 string banjolele is a newer variation that gives you both G-string options. You can say that it is tuned G-string options. The tone that is usually on the top is the high-g. So all together it becomes gG C E A. If you want to try an open G tuning, then you can go for G D G B D. For 5 strings, there are not a lot of banjoleles you can get set up for. But, it is always interesting for new development.

How to tune a banjolele head

The banjolele usually has a mechanism for loosening and tightening the drum head. It is not that necessary to tune the drum head according to a particular note, but for a better sound experience, one must go for it. If you tighten the drum head, you will get a brighter sound. On the other hand, if you loosen the drum head, you will receive a deeper and more “warbly” sound. You must try it yourself to adjust the drum head according to your instrument. A note to keep in mind is not to over-tighten the head; it can risk damaging the musical instrument.


1. How to tune a 4 string banjolele?

The traditional tuning for Concert, Soprano, and Tenor 4-string Banjoleles is g-C-E-A with a high G string. The traditional tuning for Baritone 4-String Banjo Ukelele is D-G-B-E with a low D string.

2. Why tuning of banjolele is required?

It helps in generating a better quality sound which eventually results in a melodic tune. It also helps in generating a perfect note.

3. What are the tuning frequencies for the Baritone banjolele?

The Baritone banjolele is generally tuned to linear G-tuning. The following are the standard frequencies for such:

D – 146.83 Hz ~ 147 Hz

G – 196 Hz

B – 246.94 Hz ~ 247 Hz

E – 329.63 Hz ~ 330 Hz

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