How to Wear Banjo Finger Picks – A Step-by-Step Guide

Banjo is a very soothing and stylish instrument. Many people love to listen to it and many people also love to play it. But often many new banjo players ask about how to wear banjo finger picks. It is a very common query. But it is not that hard. North America invented this beautiful instrument. And the influence of this instrument spread very quickly. Even it came to the United States. It is not a very expensive instrument. If you are a beginner musician then it is a perfect instrument to start with. Your rhythm and hand gestures will get improved significantly with it.

Also if you just want an instrument for a hobby or you are not sure if you will use it or not then also it is perfect. Firstly because it is easy to learn and secondly it comes at a reasonable price. Fewer strings on the banjo could make it easier to play for some. Also, guitar and banjo have similar elements. That is why learning a banjo would make it quite easy for you to later learn guitar and other string instruments for that matter. Check here how to wear banjo finger picks.

The proper way how to wear banjo finger picks.

how to wear banjo finger picks

It may appear to be a simple and ordinary question. However, it is typical and simple for a seasoned and experienced banjo player, but not for a novice. The picks would almost always be worn sideways by someone who had never played the banjo before. 5 string banjoists who play the three fingerstyles typically use banjo picks.

People who are wearing it for the first time frequently treat it as if it were a fingernail. This is inaccurate. Putting a pick like that would catch the strings every time you tried to play. When you place the pick on the fleshy portion of your finger, it will curl up toward your nails. It depends on the player on how far down they need to put the pick.

How do you put your banjo picks on?

To correctly wear it, place it on the fleshy area of your fingers. You can choose how far down you want it for your preference and comfort. There’s no hard and fast rule on where those finger picks should go. Just keep in mind that it must be applied to the flesh and beneath the fingernails.


Q-1 How do you make a fingerpick for a banjo?

On the end of your finger, place the pick. It should be adjusted with the collar between the end of the finger and the first joint. With your left hand, grab either side of the collar with your thumb and index finger. Squeeze it now. Now is the time to customize it to your preferences and playing style. Make sure the end of your fingers isn’t too tight.

Q-2 Can one play a banjo without fingerpicks?

It is true that fingerpicks are not an absolute necessity when it comes to playing a banjo. In some particular styles, you will not need to use the picks at all. The Clawhammer style banjo is more appealing and inviting.