Kmise Banjolele: Get the Best Quality Banjolele at an Affordable Price

Even though you know to play the Guitar a Ukulele or any other stringed instrument, your mind would crave to play the Banjo. And the best option is to try out a Kmise if you know to play Ukulele or Guitar. This Kmise Banjolele review will help you clear the air.

Kmise Banjolele-Buying Guide

Factors to look at before purchasing a Kmise Banjolele

Size: You must choose the size of a Banjolele according to that of your arm. Toners and concerts sizes will suit best for a person with large hand sizes. And setting up a Kmise Banjolele is way easier.

Brand: A well-branded product not only assures you of long-lasting quality but also produces a fine-tune. It is worth spending on a branded instrument.

Budget: Even though you opt for huge brands, make sure that it fits your budget. Moreover, not all branded products are costly as well.

Fresh or a used piece: If you are not serious enough in playing the instrument constantly, you can opt for a second-hand Banjolele. If you are serious about music, opt for a new product.

Tuning pegs: It is safe to have good tuning parts to tune the pegs for a good quality sound. You can even check out the Kmise instructions in its manual to know more about tuning.

Kmise Banjolele-Buying Guide

1. Kmise 4 String Banjo Ukulele Uke Concert


kmise banjolele



  • Brand: Kmise
  • Color: Brown Maple
  • Top Material Type: Polyester
  • Back Material Type: Aquila
  • Item Dimensions: 4 x 11 x 25 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.62 Pounds
  • Number of Strings: 4


It produces a distinctive and percussive sound due to its great elasticity. The intonation is accurate and is versatile to play various methods. The Kmise Banjolele tuning is of the standard G-C-E-A pattern.


The action 3mm at 12th fret in Kmise Banjolele is extra comfortable for new learners when compared with other Banjoleles.


It can be used as a traditional resonator and when the back is detached, it becomes an open-back model. You can refer to the Kmise instructions for a detailed explanation.


  • Comfortable for beginners.
  • Requires only low action.
  • Made of Aquila String.
  • Accurate intonation.
  • High wear resistance.


The string takes time to stretch for a perfect tune.

What’s new?

The tuners of the Kmise are close geared. This makes the instrument sound produce a precise tune. The closed gear also protects the Banjolele from dust and sweat.

Why should you buy it?

The fretboard is walnut and the frets are smooth to protect your hand from scratch.  It also comes with a bag and a tuner. Moreover, setting up a Kmise Banjolele is also an easy task.

check priceFAQ

How to tune a Kmise Banjolele?

Kmise Banjolele tuning has no unique methods. It is done in the same way as you tune a Guitar or a Ukulele. And this product also comes with an electric tuner which makes your work easier.

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