The Impact Of Pick Shape And Size On Tone And Playability

There are a variety of picks available for a banjo and are quite appeal to the visuals too but one needs to be careful while choosing them. The impact of pick shape and size on tone and playability is immense. So, while choosing the best banjo picks, learn about them in the section below.

The Impact Of Shape And Size Of A Pick

  • Playability: Pick being such a small accessory of a banjo has the ability to impact the tone and the playability. So, it is always important that you consider its shape and size well while choosing. Both the thumb pick and the finger pick surely affect the sound of the banjo through the manner by which you struck the chords. Depending on the shape and size of the prick you can strike a chord very easily sometimes and sometimes you will miss hitting a chord as well. Some shapes of pricks even make them get hung up to the chord if there is a misjudgment while striking the chord.

The Impact Of Pick Shape And Size On Tone And Playability

This is why professionals always experiment a lot before deciding on the pick they choose. More to that, even the plastic over the pick also impacts the sound in the manner by which the chord is struck. When some plastic picks are very smooth than the other picks lesser friction is created on the chords when struck and so it creates a balanced sound. 

Even the hardness and thickness of the picks decide the fact of how the thumb would strike the chord of a banjo. A softer and thin pick will give more flex when the chord is struck.

Tone: The shape and size of picks also play a great role in how the tone shall sound for your banjo. Different shapes and sizes of picks shall make you strike the chord in a different manner. And this will leave an impact on how the tone shall sound too. The weight of the pick is also taken into consideration too as it drives the finger according to the weight it carries.

Even the variety of plastic picks based on their softness and hardness leaves an impact on the tone. Some will end up giving a brighter tone while some will bring a more rounded tone. This is why it is always advised to check the weight and material of the pick and understand what works for you, before buying. It differs from person to person.