The Importance Of The Right Banjo Pick For Your Playing Style

Banjo is not only an amazing instrument but is also hugely popular worldwide. While you choose the best banjo picks learn about the importance of the right banjo pick for your playing style.

Why It Is Important To Have The Right Banjo Pick

A lot has been debated in the recent past about using or not using the picks. There are banjo players who prefer using a pick while there are players who do not like using a pick too. They both are indeed right from their perspectives. Picks are more about individual preferences and the genre of musing one is playing.

One may not necessarily need to use a pick for every type of music. There are certain compositions or genres that sound great when the strings of a banjo are plucked with fingers. When you use a finger to play the banjo, it turns the music deep making the sound flat. Picks are used when you are wanting to produce a sharp tone with great clarity and vibrancy.

The Importance Of The Right Banjo Pick For Your Playing Style

Classic and folk genres generally need a pick to be used because it gives the sound of the element that is required for such kind of music. But indeed it is important at the same time too, to choose the right banjo pick based on your style of playing. There are various styles of thumb pricks and fingerpicks for banjos which are made either of plastic or metal. 

Based on the style of music you play be it jazz, folk, bluegrass using three fingers, rock, country music, hip-hop, or pop too you need to choose the appropriate pick. Not only the right pick shall bring out the music you desire but also will make it comfortable for you to play as well.

Another reason that makes it very important to choose the right pick is that it comes in different dimensions, weights, and sizes too. Unless you choose the right pick you will not be able to use it smoothly for your style of music. An incorrect banjo pick will make you try harder to bring out your style of music. This might either lead to breaking the strings of the banjo or even hurting your fingers. In case of doubt, you can always take professional help in choosing the right pick got your playing style.