What Is A Banjo Player Called?

Someone who plays the Banjo can be called a banjoist or even a banjologist. If it is a female banjo player, you can call them banerinas.

There are many discussion forums where people tend to call the banjo players by different names. There is the term “banjoists” by Hank Schwartz is preferred by many people.

What are banjos?

Banjos are stringed instruments that include a thin membrane stretched over one cavity or frame to form a resonator. This membrane is typically made of plastic and is circular. It can be occasionally made of animal skin too. The early forms of this instrument were introduced by the African slaves in the US.

Banjos are used as a mainstay of the style of American music, such as old-time and famous bluegrass music. It’s also used very frequently in Dixieland jazz. The Caribbean genres of mento, Calypso, and biguine also use this instrument.

What Is A Banjo Player Called

What is a banjo player called? Different opinions

More than often, Banjo players are not called with any specific terms. They are generally called musicians. But people are divided and have different opinions about what to call the Banjo players. Apart from the ones mentioned above, many people also prefer to call Banjo players banjoists.

The banjos have been around for a long period& even though it is traditionally a folk instrument, many famous players are there who have been famous for playing this stringed instrument. Let us see some of the most famous and greatest Banjo players of all time.

Earl Scruggs

Earl Scruggs is considered one of the greatest Banjo players. He was born in 1924 in North Carolina &was regarded as the modern pioneer of this instrument.

He began his career at 21 and was part of some groups including “Earl Scruggs Revue”, Flatt and Scruggs”, and “Foggy Mountain Boys”. His music became very successful. A popular hit of his was “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” which was well known for featuring in the movie Bonnie and Clyde.

Abigail Washburn

Washburn is a banjo singer and player of the modern time who was born in 1977. She has performed primarily as a soloist throughout her career. She also worked with The Wu Force, Sparrow Quartet, and Uncle Earl, & performed with her husband as a duo.

What Is A Banjo Player Called?

She is famous for her songwriting abilities as she was practically discovered in one songwriting competition for MerleFest. She learned to speak fluent Mandarin &even recorded numerous songs in this language in her adult years. She even performed with Sparrow Quartet at the Olympics of Beijing.

Steve Martin

Martin was a self-taught banjo player in his early years. Later, he took help from John McEuen for learning to play the Banjo. He made the instrument an important part of his stand-up routine of him. He released multiple comedy albums.