What Is A Full Size Banjo?

The Size Of A Banjo

Choosing the appropriate Banjo may seem to be a little confusing task especially if you are buying it for the first time. Not only are the Banjo of a variety but there are different scale lengths to them too. Do you know what is a full size Banjo? Find out everything about it here.

A Full Size Banjo

What is a full size banjo

The five-stringed Banjo is the most common and versatile one that you can find. It follows a standard twenty-two frets. The length of its scale is 26 1/4th inches. This is known to be the standard-sized Banjo and it is capable of playing a variety of genres of music such as country, jazz, gospel, bluegrass, classical, rock, folk, and many more. 

The Different Types Of Banjos

  • Parlor Banjos: It is a short-scale five-string Banjo having nineteen frets. It is tuned to G. This Banjo has been given a short frame and so, even the children can play it easily. It weighs between four to five pounds having an open back. Even though the scale is tuned to G but you can change it to A if needed. The length of its scale is about twenty-three inches. 
  • Five-String Banjos: This Banjo has a scale length of 29 ¼ inches along with the standard twenty-two frets. Be it the resonator or open back, this Banjo holds popularity for being versatile. You can easily play a variety of genres of music with it. 
  • Four-String Banjos: This is a very popularly used one for live shows. It emits sounds that will put you on your toes. Although this Banjo is very versatile yet it is mostly used for traditional Jazz or Irish music. The tuning is similar to the mandolin and viola. 
  • Long Neck Banjos: This probably is the biggest-sized Banjo you can have. It has a long neck with a length of scale at 32 7/64 inches with twenty-five frets. It is tuned at E and has a low sound, making it a perfect fit for folk music. But you can even use it for other genres too.

What is a full size banjo

    • Tenor Banjos – Seventeen Frets: It is popularly known as the Irish Tenor. You can tune it to a variety such as A, E, G, D, and A with a length on the scale of twenty-one inches.
  • Tenor Banjos – Nineteen Frets: Usually this Banjo is set to D, A, G, C. this too is used for Irish music. It has a nineteen-fret tenor.
    • Six-String Banjos: Although this is a revolutionary instrument but is not a new one. Many main streams artists use this Banjo. They say it is fun to use this instrument. It is one of the most versatile instruments and is loved by guitar players too. It is used in a variety of genres of music too.
    • Plectrum Banjos: This is a four-string Banjo with twenty-two frets. You can tune this Banjo to B, G, C, and D. it is played using a flat pick hence got its name Plectrum Banjo. 
  • Twelve-String Banjos: It is played just like the twelve-stringed guitar. The sound is delicate, and lacy, and adds a smooth texture.