What Is The First String On A Banjo?

The tuning of banjos is easy. A good number of various banjo types are there which are tuned differently. As mentioned earlier, the five-string banjos are the most common &include a standard tuning that is in open G. Here, find out the tunings for other types of banjos.

What is the first string on a banjo?

5-String Banjo

G, D, G, C, D

This tuning is called “G Modal” Tuning. It’s a popular tuning for the tunes of old times such as Little Sadie, Shady Grove & many others. It’s sometimes also called “Mountain Minor Tuning”. It’s very close to the standard tuning of G, but the 2ndstring is tuned to a note of C. This eliminates the 3rd of the chord of G & produces a G 4 chord. As they eliminate the 3rd of the chord, users won’t be able to tell if it’s a minor or major chord as it makes them experience a modal sound.

What is the first string on a banjo

F#, D, F#, A, D

It is called the “D” Tuning. This tuning was used by Earl Scruggs on songs like “Reuben”. You can even tune the fifth string to the “A” instead of the “F#” & still be in the tuning of “D”. If you keep strumming your banjo without fretting the strings, you’ll be playing a chord of D in this tuning.

G, C, G, B, D

It is called the “C” Tuning. It’s also called “Drop C” Tuning as it comes from the open tuning of G.

17-Fret Or 19-Fret Tenor Banjo

G, D, A, E

This one is referred to as the “Irish Tenor Tuning”.  It is in fifths but lower in pitch as compared to the standard tenor tuning. It is like a mandolin or violin, only 1 octave lower.

Plectrum Banjo

D, G, B, E

This tuning looks perfectly similar to the top 4 strings of the guitars & is often called “Chicago Tuning”. This can make it very simple for the guitarists to take a 4-string banjo & start performing.

5-String Longneck Banjo

E, B, E, G#, B

It is open E tuning. In reality, it is just the same as that open tuning of G, only the pitch is three steps lower.

What is the first string on a banjo

6-String Banjo

E, A, D, G, B, E

This tuning is the same as the guitars.

Banjo Ukulele

G (high), C, E, A

The banjo ukuleles are tuned exactly like the standard ukuleles. The string of G is tuned higher as compared to the E and C string. This is what gives the ukuleles the unique sound they have.

12-String Banjo

This tuning fully resembles the 12-string guitars. If we are more specific, it’s the same as the regular guitar. Although the three low strings are separated doubly by an octave &the top three strings are made double in unison.