Discover the Best Way to Learn Banjo and Master Any Song!

Now, you are a complete beginner to this new musical instrument so check here best way to learn banjo. You have bought yourself a new banjo, or you may happen to have it laying around your house and you want to make use of it. Here is where you get all the information about the best way to learn banjo.

What makes you different from the common folk is that you have decided to learn a new skill, while being at home. Whether it be for the sole amusement of yourself or to impress someone, you will learn the important parts of learning a new string instrument by the end of this article.

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Best way to learn banjo

best way to learn banjo

First and foremost, perfect the position of your picking hand. This should be very relaxed. For most people, the strumming finger is the middle finger and the hand structure almost looks like a claw. Refer to a video in case of confusion. Next is the motion of your picking hand. The specialty of clawhammer banjo is that it produces its sound because of a hammering motion on the strings.

Best way to learn to play banjo

If you are starting with banjo, the best way, I would suggest is, to begin with, strumming. It is easy enough for a beginner to nail. This will boost your confidence and will do your enthusiasm a world of good.

Strumming is an extremely easy motion. It is a gentle, swift motion across the strings of a banjo. Even this will produce a very pretty sound.

Best way to learn 5 string banjo

best way to learn banjo

On a five-string banjo, typical G tuning comprises seven keys: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. This category includes chord palm muting such as 1,4,5, and 7ths. The 1,4, and 5 are basic music theory and may be found in so many kinds of western music such as folk, country, blues, and rock n’ roll.

Best way to learn bluegrass banjo

Let’s name this new technique to bluegrass banjo learning “the melody approach.” The most popular technique of teaching banjo among the numerous bluegrass banjo training books I’ve studied over the years may be dubbed “the roll approach.” That is, melodies are taught with both the melody and the roll pre-combined.


1. How to learn banjo by ear?

You can learn to play chords or tunes on a banjo, by humming the chord or tune 

in the scale required and keep strumming/picking.

2. How to learn banjo chords? 

You can start by learning the basics, i.e G, C, and D. You can then continue to learn the 3 main roll patterns.

3. How to learn banjo rolls?

Begin with the basics:

Pluck 2nd string with the index finger

Pluck 1st string with your middle finger

Pluck 5th string with your thumb