From Bluegrass to Jazz: How the Deering Banjo Strap Enhances Your Playing Across Genres

The Deering banjo company traces its origins back to 1975. Based in California, USA, the Deering brand has always been the global top-rated banjo producer. The company focuses on creating various kinds of banjos and accessories at a competitive price without compromising quality.

The handmade banjos and banjo accessories from Deering have always made an excellent reputation for their premium material and long-lasting performance. The Deering banjo strap, a bestseller at Deering, is noted for its longevity, durability, and affordability. The following articles check how the Deering banjo strap enhances your playing across genres.

How the Deering Banjo Strap Enhances Your Playing Across Genres

How the Deering Banjo Strap’s Versatility Makes It Suitable for Different Playing Styles?

The Deering brand understands and identifies that a single banjo strap does not suit all the current banjo models. Many variations are available in the market for banjos. So, the banjo strap collection should also be versatile enough to accommodate banjos of different playing styles.

At Deering, you can find a variety of versatile banjo straps that suits any banjo of your choice. Banjo straps with Chicago screws, cradle straps, leather banjo straps, etc., are all available at Deering. Each of these models is unique and creates a specific impact on the banjo playing.

1. Cradle Banjo Strap

Cradle banjo straps are models that weave the strap under your banjo rim’s j- hooks. The two ends of the cradle strap meet and hold the banjo rim well. The Deering uses three premium leather pieces to make its signature cradle straps.

2. Banjo Straps with Chicago Screws

This type of banjo strap forms a loop at both ends of the strap. You can use complimentary Chicago screws to hold the two strap loops together. When using this kind of banjo strap, you need not weave the strap through the hook but just attach the screws to the concerned spots on the banjo.

Tips for Adjusting the Deering Banjo Strap to Fit Your Playing Style and Technique

  • The length of the banjo strap is crucial for the player’s comfort. So, ensure the banjo strap has enough length to increase or decrease whenever necessary.
  • It is advisable to wear and check the banjo strap’s fit while purchasing.
  • The strap’s adjustment feature should be convenient and comfortable enough for the player to handle on their own. That is, it should be easy for the player to adjust and remove the banjo strap on stage without much effort.
  • Crosscheck with the manufacturer’s manual to understand the strap’s material, build, etc., to provide the ideal maintenance and care. 

How the Deering Banjo Strap Enhances Your Playing Across Genres

Examples of How Professional Banjo Players Used the Deering Banjo Strap in Various Genres

Deering banjo straps are compatible with various music genres and have been used by famous banjo players from the second half of the 1900s onwards. Some of the popular banjo strap users are mentioned below.

1. Winston Marshall

  • Founding member of popular British folk rock band Mumford & Sons
  • Performed also in several famous bluegrass bands.
  • Contributed to reviving banjo music in places like the United States and Europe.
  • The Deering brand has even named one of their signature banjo models after him: the Winston Marshall Signature Model.

2. Emmylou Harris

  • Popular instrumentalist, songwriter, and singer in the country music genre.
  • Hailing fromthe USA, Emmylou Harris is among the few artists inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • Released singles and collaborated with popular banjo and guitar players of the time.

3. Taylor Swift

  • A country and pop music icon and Grammy Award winner.
  • Uses the Deering 6-string Acoustic banjo
  • Features Deering banjo with banjo strap on music videos like ‘Mean’, ‘Jump then Fall’, etc.

4. Elle King

  • Uses Deering banjo and accessories to produce music in genres like soul music, bluegrass, rock music, etc.
  • Promotes the scope of banjo music beyond country music.
  • Uses five-string banjos, mostly

How the Deering Banjo Strap Can Help You Transition Between Different Genres Seamlessly?

Banjo straps play a crucial role in transitioning between different genres of music. Depending on the fit and the length of the banjo strap, the tone and brightness of the music notes produced on the banjo significantly change. By changing certain aspects of banjo straps, you can shift comfortably between multiple music genres.

  • The length of the strap is significant. Having long banjo straps that make the banjos hang low enable the player to play bass notes more on the banjos.
  • Many classic music genres, like country and jazz, play relatively heavy banjos. Deering banjo straps help support these heavy banjos, provide a comfortable playing experience, and enhance the tone.
  • The in-built locking mechanism of the Deering banjo straps ensures that the banjo stays in place while playing. So, the musician can shift from calm genres like country and soul to movement-intensive pop and rock without worrying about accidentally dropping the banjo.

How the Deering Banjo Strap Enhances Your Playing Across Genres

The Benefits of Using the Deering Banjo Strap for Jam Sessions and Collaborations with Other Musicians

  • Wide straps enable the players to feel low stress on their shoulders, even during jam sessions that last long hours.
  • The thicker padding on the Deering banjo straps helps you support even the heaviest of banjos for a reasonable duration.
  • The premium quality leather used in making the Deering banjo strap fits perfectly to the player’s body, so they don’t feel uncomfortable wearing it for extended jam sessions.
  • The aesthetic quality in the designs of the Deering banjo straps helps catch the eyes immediately when you are involved in music collaborations and cameo appearances.


Deering Banjo company possesses decades of legacy in creating quality banjos and accessories. The banjo strap from Deering is known for its material quality, longevity, and affordability. The banjo strap collection at Deering includes a handful of variations that suit almost all kinds of banjo models currently available.

The Deering banjo straps help enhance the musicality of many genres. This is precisely why famous musicians like Winston Marshall, Elle King, Taylor Swift, and much more use these straps across various music genres.


1. Is it better to play a banjo with a strap?

It is generally considered better to play a banjo with a strap. A strap provides more safety and security to the banjo while playing. The player need not worry about accidentally dropping the banjo while playing. Also, the wide padded straps from brands like Deering makes long hours of jam sessions and performances less dreading physically.

2. How long is a Banjo Strap?

A banjo strap is available in numerous length variations. But the most popular and bestselling lengths are 54 inches and 60 inches.