How the Deering Banjo Strap Extends the Lifespan of Your Instrument?

Deering Banjo is a popular banjo manufacturing brand in the USA. It has been in the banjo-making industry since 1975.

Despite being a premium-quality brand, they make their products highly affordable. They believe that even a beginner banjo player deserves the best instrument.

It does cost more than other subpar instruments. But considering its quality, the price cannot be termed as high. There are Deering banjo models that cost over USD20,000. But they are the highest quality products in the section.

The section below details the benefits of upgrading to a Deering banjo strap and how to improve the lifespan of your Deering banjo.

Deering Banjo Strap

The benefits of using a high-quality banjo strap like the Deering Banjo Strap

Some of the benefits of using Deering banjo straps are as follows:

Material is Highly Comfortable

The Deering banjo strap is made of premium quality leather. It has an underside of foam padding and a top of the finest leather. The quality of leather used in it is the same as what is used in horse saddles.

The material quality used in the Deering banjo strap makes it highly comfortable. Along with the aesthetic beauty, comfort, and functionality, several more benefits are present in the Deering banjo straps.

Supports Even the Heaviest Banjos

One common issue regular banjo straps face is the difficulty of carrying heavy banjos. Standard straps have small width and make it difficult to hold heavy banjos for a long time.

Deering banjo straps have a wider strap and exclusive foam padding. Both these features help support heavy banjos.

High Durability

While other banjo straps deteriorate or break after a while, Deering is highly durable. The leather material is proven to be having high durability.

Even after years of use, high-quality leather material does not break easily. It only softens up and makes it more comfortable to use the straps with time.

Multiple Models

The Deering brand understands that no single banjo strap fits all banjos. Each banjo is different, and the measurements are different too. This is why Deering offers various banjo straps in multiple sizes and measurements.

Deering labels each cradle strap model with its measurement details so the customer can pick the suitable one for their banjo.

Banjo Strap Extends the Lifespan of Your Instrument

How the Deering Banjo Strap can protect your Banjo from damage and wear

Using the right banjo strap can make or break the banjo playing experience. The Deering banjo strap protects your banjo from wear and tear and potential damage. The section below explains how.

Secure Wrap

The premium quality leather used in the Deering banjo straps can resist breakage. So, even after repeated usage, the Deering strap does not suffer any damage.

So, the strap wrap is pretty secure for a Deering banjo strap. It perfectly wraps the banjo onto your body and prevents it from breaking and suffering damage.

Prevents Damage During Performance

Banjos are of various types. There are the highest weighing banjos, called Upperline banjos (12 pounds). There are also the least-weighing banjos called Goodtime banjos.

Whatever the banjo’s weight, chances are high for the banjo to fall during a performance. Wearing heavy banjos for a long time can also damage the player’s health.

The solid and premium quality leather material of the Deering banjo straps makes it possible for the player to have ample back support. Also, it prevents it from falling even during a movement-intensive performance.

 How the Deering Banjo Strap Extends the Lifespan of Your Instrument

No Metal Parts

The banjo player needs to have a strap containing no metal parts that could damage the nickel hardware.

The smooth workmanship of the Deering banjo strap only features safe materials. So the customers can continue using them without creating any damage to the banjo’s parts.

Tips for maintaining your Deering Banjo Strap to prolong its lifespan.

You can preserve a Deering banjo strap by caring the banjo well altogether. There are no separate tips for maintaining the banjo strap as it exists alongside it.

So, the following section provides tips on maintaining the banjo and the banjo strap while playing or resting.

  • Always clean the banjo and keep it in its respective hardshell case when not in use.
  • Tuning needs to be done only when necessary. Stressing the banjo’s strings too much could affect the sound quality and the music produced.
  • Wipe the strings and the fingerboard using a clean cloth after use. As these parts come in close contact with the player’s skin, it could get dirty quicker. Cleaning the ebony fingerboard now and then could help produce professional-quality sound.
  • Occasionally wax the neck of the banjo to maintain its uniquely Deering look.
  • Please avoid using harsh polishes on the banjo strap as it harms the life inlay pattern and its uniquely Deering design.
  • Try to store the banjo at room temperature only. Even a bit of high temperature or humidity could create rings and cracks on the embellished banjo body. This could create issues in achieving the desired tune or sound quality.

Deering Banjo Strap Extends the Lifespan

How using the Deering Banjo Strap can save you money in the long run?

Using the Deering banjo straps significantly extends the life of various banjo models. The section below analyses the variety of different banjo models and how a quality strap like the Deering strap is essential for them too.

  1. Boston 6 String Banjo

A Boston banjo breaks from tradition. It is provided at a lower price point. This banjo can be tuned just like a guitar. But the higher gear ratio and the sound similar to a tone ring make it highly worthy. The professional quality tone ring is unique to this banjo.

Having a quality strap could protect this model from any potential damage and help support the player’s neck while performing for a large audience for a long time.

  1. 5 String Resonator Banjo

This is a highly affordable banjo, like the heirloom banjo. These banjos come with a resonator at the back, which helps project the sound much better. A popular model in this category is the Deering Goodtime 2. This model is noted for things like accuracy, good value, appeal to the audience, less weight, life inlay pattern, etc.

How the Deering Banjo Strap Extends the Lifespan of Your Instrument

A comparison of the durability of the Deering Banjo Strap to other banjo straps on the market

Compared to the other banjo straps available on the market, the uniquely Deering look is not the only difference a Deering banjo strap has. It supports the bridge of the instrument, and the weight of the banjo, provides easy pickup, provides a great feel against the player’s skin, etc.

Although many options are available for banjo straps, viewing the customer feedback and reviews, it is better to choose Derring straps. They are born ready to support the banjos’ head, rim, and neck during continuous practice and playing.

The life inlay pattern extended on the Deering straps also makes them unique. The rim and neck gain ample support from the straps. The comfort provided by these straps enables the players to take their banjos to any location. Despite the location or the viewing count, the Deering banjo straps continue to offer great options for support.


Deering banjo straps are highly unique. They feature premium quality leather and a life inlay pattern extended. Its padded and ergonomic design makes it the best banjo strap to use while having hours of practice or performances.

Unlike the other regular banjo straps, The Deering factory makes them in multiple options to choose from. There are even embellished ones available. As far as price is concerned, Deering banjo straps are within reach of many.

Deering Banjo Strap2


  1. What is a banjo resonator?

A banjo resonator is a device that exists at the back of a banjo neck. The resonator helps with projecting the music forward. Banjos having a resonator usually produce moving tunes and great music. A resonator is not an inevitable part of a banjo but would be a great addition.