Washburn B9 Banjo Review: A Comprehensive Look at a Classic Instrument

Banjo has been first created by enslaved Africans who have been toiling in America. Initially, the banjos were part of entertainment for enslaved Africans. Due to its unique features and incredible tone, it quickly became popular. Now, the banjos are one of the few instruments that have been created in America and are famous around the world. 

So, when banjo lovers want to buy a banjo, they usually look for American-made instruments. This is not just for the historical connection between the banjos and the country. It is mainly because the USA is the no.1 banjo manufacturer in the world. Banjos manufactured in America tend to be more durable, perform well and produce distinctive and clear sounds. Let’s see Washburn B9 Banjo Review now.

Washburn B9 Banjo Review: Description

  • Brand: Washburn Guitars
  • Body Material: Sunburst Mahogany
  • Neck Material: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Maple
  • No of Frets: 22

Performance: Washburn B9 Banjo Review

Washburn banjos might be the right fit for you if you are looking for a premium quality banjo at a reasonable price. It is made in the USA with a lot of high-quality materials. Washburn has even made single pieces of the banjo with multiple materials. For example, if we consider the bridge, the body of the bridge is made up of maple wood, and the tip of the bridge is ebony. This is a rare combination of raw materials blended perfectly together to make distinctive sounds. 

The bridge of the banjo will not be included with the banjo since it is made up of expensive materials. The customer should buy the bridge separately from the banjo. It is common in high-quality banjos. The bridge will usually be sold individually and should be fixed in the right place. After keeping it in the right place, the strings should be tightened to hold the bridge in the same place while increasing the tension of the lines. 

Comparison: Washburn B9 Banjo Review

The banjo’s body rim is made up of top-tier mahogany wood, the most common type of wood used in this instrument. Mahogany woods are used in banjos because they are rich in resonating sounds. The resonance of the played note will be rich and will make each note distinctive from the others. You can easily see the difference between a standard banjo resonating a single note and a Washburn banjo reverberating a note. 

washburn b9 banjo review

Due to its rich resonating ability, it can be used to play rolls, styles, and rhythms quickly and clearly. So, it is used primarily by bluegrass-style banjo players. It is also played by southern-style banjo players. It can be used by any kind of banjo player and customized according to their preference. The closed-back mahogany resonator can be removed and replaced by another kind of resonator. This allows the user to play different types of banjo styles with the same banjo. 

Usage: Washburn B9 Banjo Review

We know that the body of the banjo is made up of a mahogany resonator, and it can be removed to match the preference of the user. However, the mahogany body has another significant feature which is sunburnt finishing. When it comes to banjos, the finishing of the instrument is crucial if we want to use it in stage uses. The Washburn banjo has sunburst mahogany body finishing and intriguing direct inlays on the rosewood fingerboard. 

What’s New in Washburn B9 Banjo Review?

Washburn banjos are the most affordable high-tension string instrument that is made in the USA. Since it is made in the USA, it has an extended warranty and is much more reliable. The neck part is made up of rosewood which is known for superior resonance and fragrance it spreads around. You should definitely give it a try.

Why Should You Buy It?

Washburn Guitars Company has been making banjos since the early 1800s. These handmade banjos are known to last longer and produce rich sound with enhanced resonance. It is preferred by professional banjo players all around the world. This banjo is used by many famous banjo players and hence it may prove to be a good investment. The customer reviews and product policies are also great which is a great factor to choose this model.