DIY Banjo Capos: How to Make Your Own

Keep reading if you want to learn how to make your own DIY capo for your banjo from scratch. This article will share easy-to-follow instructions to create a DIY capo in less than five minutes. 

DIY Banjo Capos

Don’t you have your banjo capo handy? No problem. Whether you want to try some new vocals or you are out jamming with friends, having to play some unfamiliar keys is a typical instance. 

Read this step-by-step guide to learn how to make a banjo capo at home in no time.

Easy-To-Follow Instructions For Creating A Custom Capo

Making a custom banjo capo craftsmanship for your banjo is no big deal. To make a custom capo at home or in an instant, you will require the following materials:

  • A Pen Cap
  • A Junior Hacksaw
  • A Wooden Plank

Note: If you do not have a junior hacksaw handy, you can always use a knife. 

However, if you are a beginner and have yet to use a knife to cut complex substances, we do not recommend using it. A junior hacksaw is much safer and more convenient for making homemade banjo capos.

Affordable And Customizable Alternatives To Store-Bought Capo

A DIY capo is one of the most affordable and customizable alternatives to the store-bought capo. A DIY capo is an inexpensive option to a store-bought capo, which can cost hundreds. 

DIY Banjo Capos

Most professionals who play string instruments like the banjo and guitar believe a DIY capo helps them produce one-of-a-kind music. 

Many professional players enjoy experimenting and making DIY capos to make unique and outstanding music.

Undoubtedly, store-bought capos are available in several ranges and sizes. However, they are expensive and could be more or less effective. 

On the other hand, a customizable Banjo can be experimented with to make the best capo suitable to their art and voice. There are also homemade capos for different banjo types available.

How To Craft A Banjo Capo Using Household Materials

Crafting handmade banjo capos using household materials is not at all a hassle. 

You will need a pen, a junior hacksaw, and a wooden plank. 

These three household materials can make a banjo capo that stands out from the crowd. 

Unlock New Playing Possibilities With A Homemade Banjo Capo

Unlocking new playing possibilities unlike ever before is not a distant dream with a homemade banjo capo. 

Making a customizable banjo at home will help you unleash your creativity. You can experiment with several pen caps until you find the one to suits your pitch the best.

Step-By-Step Guide To Making Your Own Banjo Capo At Home

Follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to make a cheap homemade fifth-string banjo. Here’s a DIY bajo capo tutorial to make a fully functional banjo in less than five minutes for a price as low as 80 cents:

Step 1: Take the pen top and place it on the wooden cap. 

Step 2: Make a good grip on the pen cap and cut through the pen cap precisely to get rid of its top. 

Step 3: Shorten the pen cap’s arm a bit. 

In the end, you will be left with a little piece of the pen cap. You can slip this piece of the pen cap over the fifth fret. Once you are done placing this remaining piece, that is going to be it. 


Making a custom capo is one of the cheapest alternatives to store-bought capos. We hope this guide helped you make a banjo capo you will use for years to come. It is the go-to choice of most music instrument players out there.


1. Can you use any capo on your banjo?

Capo is a quick and easy alternative to changing your banjo’s key. You will have to purchase a different capo for the fifth string of your banjo due to its elevation.

2. Is a capo essential?

Using a capo is essential for many reasons. First, it allows a music instrument player to play complicated chords easily. You can play the same chords with simpler chord shapes when you use a capo. Simplifying songs with barre chords is possible when you have a capo by your side.