How to Beat Nipper in Banjo-Kazooie: A Comprehensive Guide

Nipper is a crab-like ultimate boss in the famous game called Banjo Kazooie. Many players find it hard to defeat Nipper as he is one of the strongest villains in the game. Also, it requires tricky gameplay to defeat the monster. In this article, you can find the ultimate guide on how to beat Nipper in Banjo Kazooie. Follow the steps mentioned below to defeat it.

How to beat Nipper in Banjo Kazooie?

Step 1:

To defeat the Nipper, you have to enter the Treasure Trove Cove level. You have to walk up the steep slope after collecting at least 50 notes. The steep slope will be on the Gruntilda’s Lair’s first floor. Now, jump over the water in there, and it will lead you to a secret passageway to a giant treasure chest in the ship-themed room. The giant treasure chest serves as the sole entrance to Treasure Trove Cove.

how to beat nipper in banjo kazooie 

 Step 2:

There is a combo move called Rat-a-Tat Rap which you have to learn after entering Treasure Trove Cove world to defeat the giant hermit crab. After that, you have a small mission to complete to meet the Nipper. 

After entering Treasure Trove Cove world, walk straight until you find an archway. Walk into the archway to find a brave pirate known as Captain blubber. Help Captian Blubber by agreeing to retrieve two large pieces of gold for him. 

Step 3:

Find a small box-shaped area in the ship to find one of the pieces of gold. You have to ground pound on the discovered box-shaped area to retrieve the gold. You can easily retrieve the first piece of gold. 

Step 4:

how to beat nipper in banjo kazooie

You have to jump out of the ship and swim to a tiny hole in which only you can go. Players should find this area correctly, which might be the hardest task at the level. Now, retrieve another piece of gold from the risky place and give it to Captain Blubber. He will provide you with one jiggy for your valuable task. 

Step 5: 

Now, walk or run to the left side of the entrance. You can see the hermit crab waiting for its next prey. This is where everything heats up. 

If you try to hit him with normal physical attacks, you will be killed because his hands are impenetrable. However, the eyes and face are quite vulnerable. That is where we will have to use our special Rat-a-tat rap attack. Wait for the Nipper to finish its combo moves. It will rest for a second or more, which will give you enough time window to use your Rat-a-Tat rap attack. Two to three rapid combo attacks will be enough to kill Nipper. 

Once Nipper is defeated, he will vanish, leaving his shell. Enter the shell and follow the path before you. The path will lead you to the center of the room, where you can find a floating jiggy for drafting Nipper.