Ibanez B200 Banjo Review: A Comprehensive Look at This Popular Instrument

See Ibanez B200 Banjo Review below.

B200 banjo is one of the classic types of banjo that is sought by professionals all around the world for its superior sound and easy-to-use feature. In this article, we are going to see a detailed review of the Ibanez B200 banjo. 

Ibanez Guitars is one of the top brands and leading manufacturers of acoustic, classic, bass, electric, and semi-acoustic guitars. They also make top-quality banjos which are a lot similar to guitars. Ibanez B200 banjo review is an exceptional banjo with superior qualities, which makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Ibanez B200 banjo review:


ibanez b200 banjo review

  • Brand: Ibanez
  • No of Strings: 5
  • Rim: Basswood
  • Neck: Rosewood


The B200 Ibanez banjo has a pretty impressive and consistent finish with a shiny body. The silver linings and designs with the shiny black body make it a marvelous piece of art. This is the perfect type of banjo that can be used for stage performance since it has both good looks and excellent sound. 

The banjo is made up of basswood block rim, which is known for its sturdiness and durability. The basswood block rim is waterproof coated and repels unwanted insects or parasites that will attach to the rim and sabotage its superior sound. 

The resonator and neck of the banjo are made up of Mahogany which is a reddish brown wood mostly used to make instruments. The tropical tree wood is used in various furniture and instruments for its strength, mild flexibility, and its ability to blend with other materials. 


The fingerboard of the Ibanez B200 is made up of rosewood, a distinctive tropical timber that is known for its unique and incredible fragrance. They are used for making top-quality furniture and instruments. Usually, they are used in the smoking and curing process of raw meat. The fragrance of the rosewood will add flavor to the meat. Due to its fragrance and durability, it is used in Ibanez B200 too. The acrylic pearl inlay finishing enhances the beauty of this model. 


ibanez b200 banjo review

The Ibanez B200 banjo has 22 frets allowing you to play high notes. Banjos with a lower number of frets make it impossible to play high notes at higher octaves, whereas in the Ibanez B200 banjo, everything is possible. 

The total length of the B200 banjo from the head to the tail is 24.6 inches. If it was too short, professional people would have trouble playing it since they can’t place their fingers in the right place. If it is too long, the same problem will occur only worse. It will be hard to hold the banjo in the right place. Every space in this banjo is perfectly measured and aligned with one another for effective performance. The strings are 1.46 mm away from one another, which is the ideal gap between the strings. 

What’s New?

The Ibanez B200 is a five-string banjo which is the most common type of banjo. The banjo uses a friction-type tuner for the 5th string. It would’ve been better if they had made a geared 5th string tuner since it is more reliable than a friction-based tuner. However, the manufacturer wanted to maintain the authenticity of the banjo and went with the classic friction-type tuner. The friction-type tuner peg requires the user to push the peg into the tuner hole and twist it to keep the tune. 

The product will come with loosened string and a misplaced bridge to prevent the banjo from breaking. This doesn’t mean that the banjo is defective. You can put the bridge in the right place and tighten the strings to make the banjo playable again. 

Why Should You Buy It?

Another major feature that adds value to Ibanez B200 is the closed back. Top-tier banjos have closed back with a resonator that resonates with the sound of the instrument appropriately. Also, this closed back can be removed, and another resonator can be fixed in its place. This offers many customization options to the user. The user can play different types of banjo sounds with the same banjo by replacing the resonator. 

Finally, the Ibanez B200 banjo is a top-tier banjo made out of premium quality materials. The banjo is available at a reasonable price. Considering its features, the price of the banjo is pretty reasonable.