Deering Sierra Banjo Review – Get the Best Banjo for Your Money

Deering Sierra Banjo review includes a unique type of Banjo created by Deering Banjo Company. The company started making rare types of Banjos in 1975. It is founded by Greg and Janet Deering couples. The company started producing Banjos in a humble Spring Valley, California warehouse. Now, it is run by their Banjo-loving daughter Jamie Deering. See Deering Sierra Banjo Review below.

Deering Sierra Banjo Review

Initially, the couples were making Deering Sierra-type Banjos only. However, after several years of production, they started making Vega, Goodtime, Tenbrooks, and other types of rare Banjos. Many professional and popular Banjo players’ Banjos were made by the Deering Banjo company. In this article, we will see a detailed review of the Deering Sierra Banjo. 

deering sierra banjo review


  • Brand: Deering Banjo Company
  • No of Strings: 5
  • Model: Sierra
  • Rim: Maple


The Deering Sierra Banjo is a five-string Banjo made with premium quality Sierra Maple wood. Sierra is the most popular type of Banjo that the Deering Banjo Company has made. Since it is made with high-quality maple wood, it offers great looks and astounding sound. The maple wood is expensive and offers a distinctive sound to the Banjo. 

The USA’s top Banjo-making company has never failed to amuse its customers with its distinctive and rich Banjos. The Deering Sierra Banjo is no exception. The Deering Sierra Banjo’s body is made up of maple wood. The maple wood rim provides greater balance and stability to the other parts of the instrument. 

The neck and other significant parts where the sound travels before it resonates are made up of Mahogany. This takes the Banjo to the next level. People prefer the Deering Sierra Banjo model because most of the parts are made up of Maple and not Mahogany. But Mahogany on the neck region enhances the Banjo’s looks and performance. 


One fascinating thing about Deering Sierra Banjo is that they are available in two major string patterns. There are 4-string Deering Sierra Banjos and a 5-string Deering Sierra Banjo. You can get any type of Banjo with Deering Banjo company. In this post, we have discussed the 5-string Deering Sierra Banjo. 


Deering Sierra Banjo is another model that the Deering Banjo company is proud of. It is one of the five unique models Banjos company makes. The Sierra Banjo is known for its Maplewood trim which is violin grade. The rich Maple rim resonates with the 06 tone ring. Other things include:

  • A notched tension hoop
  • One-piece flange (zinc)
  • Premium armrest
  • The Deering tailpiece

This assembly closely resembles Gabriella but is different because it is made as a Sierra Banjo. However, both are exceptional Banjos. 

What’s New?

deering sierra banjo review

Thirty years of making top-quality Banjos are reflected on every Banjo they produce. The Deering Sierra Banjo is originally made by the owner and master designer to make it affordable without compromising its quality. That was the sole motive the owner created the Deering Sierra for. So, the initial designs of Sierra were low on cosmetics but had premium quality pot assembly. They have invested their time and money mainly in pot assembly. This made young children and other people who couldn’t buy a top-tier Banjo buy the Deering Sierra. 

Why Should You Buy It?

The quality of a top-tier Banjo worth thousands of dollars and the Deering Sierra was identical. It made the Deering Sierra so popular and helped the Deering Banjo company produce top-tier Banjos over and over. The recent models of Deering Sierra are well built as well as have stunning looks. Each Sierra is made up of violin-grade Maplewood, and the neck is exceptionally strong as well as slightly flexible, which is ideal for resonating the sound. The Deering Sierra is considered a flagship and makes the Deering Banjo company’s owners much proud. So this was all about the Deering Sierra banjo review.


  1. My Banjo had loose strings and a misplaced bridge when it arrived. Is it defective?

No, it is not defective. The strings are loosened, and the bridge is often misplaced because they would get damaged if not. Any high-tension instruments would have their strings slightly loosened when they arrive at your doorstep.